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Mark Edwards, Ryan Gransden, Matthew Mosley, Rose-Marie Daniels, & Richard Ferguson

Honours Bachelor of Film and Television, Class of 2020



Short Film

1080p, 8 minutes

Directors: Mark Edwards, Ryan Gransden 

Director of Photography: Matthew Mosley

Producers: Rose-Marie Daniels, Richard Ferguson

The main idea behind this film was to craft an experimental narrative that allows the viewer to dive into layers within the human mind. We tried to take concepts from several religious and ancient stories about the process of death, with the main influence being ‘Bardo’, a Buddhist term to describe an individual's state of being - between death and rebirth. We also were inspired by the river Styx from Greek mythology, one which involves being guided through the transition of life and death.

By taking these core concepts and wrapping them in a contemporary setting, we tried to form a minimalist, visual narrative that gives the viewer a sense of the beauty and catharsis in the acceptance of one's death, and ultimately, life.

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