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Victoria Guy

Glass, Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design, Class of 2020



Blown and carved glass

15" x 10" x 7"

I create sculptures of the female torso in glass, using colour and pattern to create a visual representation of my emotional and mental state at the time of creation. This method of creation began by a long-time habit of repression and led me on a journey of questioning and discovery. By making these sculptures I am challenging the idea of being 'female' and biological sex, the ideals and expectations ingrained in my mind because of my body. 

Each stage of creation is part of the process to work through an emotion. By choosing a pallet of opaque layers of colour, I begin creating the mood of the piece, through carving I choose which colours get revealed, what type of patterning, and where on the body, or whether it gets engraved at all. By cutting through the glass, I create patterns that represent control and balance of those emotions, or lack thereof, reacting to the initial act of creation with fresh eyes. 

On their own each sculpture makes for a beautiful object, however by placing the individual sculptures together based on similar coloration the sculptures then begin to relate to each other and speak to the collective effect of these experiences and emotions, and how these small individual feelings have a larger impact overall. When the sculptures are placed together as one piece, it also speaks to a shared experience between individuals.

Award winner: $750

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