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Carah Hager

York University/Sheridan College Program in Design, Class of 2020



Wood & textiles

13" x 13" x 13"

Toigo is a natural, sustainable product and package design created as a means of educational, open-ended play for young children. Toigo’s package design not only carries its product but it’s meant to be used as the product itself. Toigo consists of four product designs that make up its entirety. 

1. Vegetable toys. Beautiful, durable, eco-friendly vegetable toys are made entirely of wood, copper wire, wood glue, and lastly fabric made entirely from re-purposed and recycled natural fibre clothes. 

2. Trilingual cards corresponding to each vegetable toy are mechanically designed to spin when prompted. They read the vegetable names in English, French and German to promote educational play. 

3. A multi-functioning wooden bucket made to look like a flower pot. The top half of the bucket detaches from its bottom by simply twisting the top, releasing it from its locking system inside. Once the top of the bucket is removed you have a completely functional water-sealed wooden bucket that can be used in a variety of ways. 

4. A multi-functioning bio-degradable untreated cotton drawstring bag. The bag is meant to carry the bucket easily from place to place while securing all moving parts of the bucket inside. The bag is to be synched at the bottom of the bucket creating a fabric to bucket seal making it possible to lift the bucket effortlessly. The bag can also be used on its own to transport items. This is done by simply synching the bag fully and tucking the drawstring inside the bottom of the bag.

Award winner: $2,000

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