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Meaghan Hettler

Honours Bachelor of Animation, Class of 2020


Snail Sr.

Puppet, mixed media

14.5" x 16" x 10"

Snail Sr. is a character from Plume, a stop motion group film done in 2018/2019 by Fiddlehead Studio as part of the Bachelor of Animation program. Puppet made by Meaghan Hettler. Plume is the story of an injured moth meeting a travelling beetle, their adventure and journey of healing. They cross paths with Snail Sr. early on, and he teaches them the importance of pacing yourself and taking it slow! Snail Sr. is made from upholstery foam, insulation foam, aluminum wire, latex, sports wrap, wool, and a variety of other materials. He is fully articulated and ready to be animated

Award winner: $500

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