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Jennifer MacDonald

Textiles, Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design, Class of 2020


Circles and Squares

Hand dyed and silk screen wool

36" x 36"

The circle motif was originally hand blocked on paper and subsequently digitized in Adobe Photoshop to create the positive negative circle design. The resulting image was 'shot' on to a screen in the textile studio through a photo emulsion process. A mordant resist paste was pulled across the screen print placing the design on the undyed wool fabric. The fabric was then steamed to set the mordant after which the cloth was immersed in a natural dye bath. The mordant works to resist the dye providing for the circle design to manifest. A marigold dye extract collected by others from the Sheridan College Dye Garden was used. The threads along the edges have been gently pulled away to create the fringe on the finished scarf.

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